Textile, home, urban landscape Textile is a carrier of many meanings – practical and decorative, as symbolically marked as a painting canvas, although less often perceived in this way. As the functional and aesthetic areas meet, additional value is created on the surface of the fabric, which should be looked at closely. It is a […]

The process of creating a surface pattern

How long does it take to design a graphic pattern design? Some projects are created in one day, while others require two weeks of a hard work. So what are the criteria that determine the time-consuming work on designs prepared for various types of printed surfaces? Technique Depending on the graphic technique used, the design […]

What does a surface pattern designer do?

Almost every company from the textile, fashion or stationery industry will sooner or later need to include seamless patterns or placement prints in their offer. Before you start working with a graphic pattern designer, read what you can expect from his skills and tasks, and what to keep in mind in your communication. Although the […]

How to choose graphics for printing on fabrics?

The right seamless pattern design for textile and fashion stores is essential. In addition to basic factors such as fabric quality and the unique form of the product, it is the graphic design element that ultimately determines the choice of a product in your brand, not at your competition. Before you decide to buy patterns […]

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