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Watercolors for every occasion

Along with the growing interest in manual techniques in the field of contemporary illustration and graphic pattern design, the watercolor technique has gained the greatest popularity. The world fell in love with delicate colors and transparent textures which are creating delicate forms. Painting with watercolors is also one of the most difficult painting techniques due to the small margin of error left to the artist. It requires great precision and attention, and corrections are almost impossible. The awareness of the limitations of this method of creation also influences the prestigious nature of products decorated with watercolor designs. They appear on clothing, home textiles, children’s products and wallpaper. This highly versatile technique is suitable for all kinds of invitations to important occasions or menu designs for restaurants. Considering the current trends, it is difficult to imagine a wedding invitation without the use of watercolors. The offer of the online store in Mona Tomassi Studio is intended for seekers of hand-made graphics that will give your products a unique character.

Menu card that you want to eat with your eyes

The restaurant menu must not only meet the requirements of sophisticated taste, but also need to be presented in a visually attractive way. The aesthetic of the dishes begins already at the stage of ordering, so when the restaurant’s menu is presented. A menu decorated with hand-painted food ingredients or a watercolor motif of flowers, leaves or animals gives the menu both elegance and individual character. It emphasizes the uniqueness of the offer in a fashionable style that evokes positive associations. An important element of designing the original menu is the right choice of colors consistent with the interior design of the restaurant. After purchasing a ready-made menu design in Studio Mona Tomassi, you can also contact me to adjust design to your needs. If you are looking for a proposal perfectly suited to the needs of your restaurant or cafe, please contact me to order a personalized menu design.

Hand painted invitations

An invitation for an important occasion, whether it is a wedding, birthday, baptism, or a special family meeting, should be designed in such a way that its recipient feels special. Therefore, the most frequently chosen type of invitations are hand-painted style. The manual style of such a greeting card emphasizes its personal character and gives it uniqueness thanks to the use of, for example, watercolor floral motifs or other natural elements. An interesting and unusual idea for the subject of the invitation is also the use of elements related to the place of celebration. Architectural and landscape motifs of a chosen location will work great on such projects. In my shop with graphic patterns, you will find ready-to-download floral and city patterns, as well as proposals for children. If you do not find in the store the perfect invitation tailored to your special occasion, please contact me to design a new original graphic. Each occasion is a different story and different needs. If you are planning an event for children, it is worth considering including fun animals in child-friendly, soft colors on invitations for children. Watercolor leaves, flowers and architectural elements will be perfect for a wedding or a festive anniversary. All my projects are made with great care and attention to the smallest details, and in the case of individual orders – tailored to your needs. Each invitation, menu, card or graphic Christmas pattern in my Studio creates little stories. In the case of an individual order, we can create together such a short visual story about the event, places, the birthday person or his favorite things.

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