Kids seamless patterns

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Magic textiles for the little ones

Fabrics dedicated for children, first of all, should meet the appropriate textile certificates, have a natural composition and be pleasant in the touch. The highest-quality fabrics and knitwear help parents to take care for the comfort and health of their children. Now that your baby product has been precisely tested and proven for practicality and convenience, now is the time to give it a little magic. This is the moment to choose the perfect pattern for KIDS textiles.

When you decide to create patterned children’s bedding or baby clothes, it is very important to choose the perfect graphic print that will distinguish your product from the competition. Pattern designs that you can find in the KIDS category correspond to the current trends in hand-painted elements and are characterized by a subtle, child-friendly color range. Delicate watercolor animals with smiling faces make the youngest happy and at the same time create an aesthetically balanced part of a children’s room or wardrobe. Watercolors are a very pleasant technique that introduces a cheerful aura and encourages the child to explore the world. It is a graceful method of reflecting the subtle beauty of nature that is harder to grasp with vector techniques. In addition, the movement of the hand, brush strokes or the pencil pressure on the paper, which are part of manual illustration, gives uniqueness to the final effect. Patterns from the KIDS category are visual stories where animals painted with watercolors meet in a a forest meadow or polar bears are wearing winter sweaters to protect themselves from the coming arctic cold. In my magical world of patterns for kids, perfectly composed elements stimulate children’s imagination, and harmonious colors create a cozy atmosphere.

No matter if you will choose one of my surface pattern design from my online shop or you will place an individual order, you can be sure that none of my works are placed on popular photo and graphic stocks. Thanks to this, you have a guarantee that the designs from my store have not been viewed by millions of users, which gives you a chance to surprise your customers with a new design in your assortment.

Graphic pattern types for kids

The market of patterned textile and products for kids is very diverse and when you go looking for clothing prints or prints for fabrics, it is worth to mak an action plan so as not to get lost in the extremely diverse offer. Start by identifying your target audience. In my online shop in the KIDS category you will find patterns suited for girls, boys, as well as universal patterns. There are more and more unisex offers in stores and this is a very cool modern trend, giving designers interesting challenges in combining elements so that they meet different children’s tastes. On the other hand, the traditional divisions in fashion and children’s room products, for boys and girls, is still holding tight, so after a careful analysis of your customers’ expectations it will certainly be easier to make a decision: rose pattern, raccoon pattern, watercolor deer print, or polar bears drawing. Besides the importance of pattern theme, the next important step is to choose the right composition for your products. Dense compositions work great in kids fashion, and lighter ones on kids bedding. However, there is no one golden rule that would set the final direction, you decide with what you want to impress your customers and what graphics will reflect the value of your offer. If, after purchasing one of the graphic products from my store, you decide that you want to add a different color or compositional version of the pattern to your collection – you can write to me and find out about the details of custom made way of cooperation.

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