Principles of graphic service license


Company’s data: 

Monika Tomsia

NIF: Y5428404G
Calle Delicias 39, 4 exterior

28045 Madrid, Spain

Non-exclusive license 

  1. All Graphics placed on the Website are covered by a non-exclusive License.
  2. Each Graphics can have multiple Buyers, which means that the Buyer does not acquire any copyrights to the Graphics during the purchase.
  3. Upon the purchase of the Graphics, the Creator grants the Buyer a non-exclusive license without time limits in the use of the Graphics, as well as without territorial restrictions in the field of recording and reproducing the Graphics using the available methods of printing on fabrics, paper and other surfaces.
  4. The Purchaser has the right to use the Graphics for private and commercial purposes.
  5. The purchaser has the right to use the graphic for a maximum of 7 000 units of products or 7 000 meters of fabric or wallpaper.
  6. If the Buyer is interested in extending a non-exclusive license, he should contact the Creator for this purpose, using the contact details provided in the Contact tab.
  7. The buyer may present the purchased Graphics on his website and in social channels such as Instagram or Facebook, taking into account the tag @mona.textiledesign
  8. The Buyer has no right to sell the Graphics as a digital file, or any part of it as a final product.
  9. The Buyer has no right to place Graphics on graphic stocks.
  10. The Buyer has no right to resell, license, transfer or share the purchased graphics that were given to him for download after purchasing the Graphics.
  11. The Purchaser has no right to use the Graphics as a trademark.

Exclusive license

  1. An exclusive license is a license provided on request for a period of two years or without a time limit along with the copyrights to Custom Graphics. 
  2. The acquisition of copyrights to the Custom Graphics means that the Buyer has the exclusive right to sell products using this Graphics for a specified period and no one else may acquire the rights to it at that time.
  3. The Website User may place such an order by contacting the Creator via the Contact tab.
  4. Graphics placed on the Website cannot be purchased under an exclusive license.
  5. Only Customized Graphics may be covered by an exclusive License, and the details of this license are agreed between the Creator and the Buyer as part of correspondence or telephone conversation.
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