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Monika Tomsia

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28045 Madrid, Spain

– Cookies  – are text files with small pieces of data saved and stored on the User’s end device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone) when opening the Website .

  1. Cookies are used to ensure the best possible functioning of the Website and for statistical and advertising purposes. 
  2. Cookies are not used by the Website to obtain or store any confidential information or personal data about the User.
  3. The website uses “persistent” and “session” cookies. “Persistent” cookies remain in the device’s web browser until they are deleted by the User or until the time specified in the parameters of cookies by the User. “Session” cookies remain in the browser until you turn it off or log out of the website on which they were posted.

2. During the first visit to the Website, information about cookies is displayed. Lack of consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the conditions set out in this policy may result in irregularities in the functioning of the website.
3. The user gives consent to access cookies by using the appropriate settings in the used web browser.
4. The User may withdraw or modify the consent to access cookies thanks to the appropriate settings of the browser or operating system used by the User.
5. The website uses third party cookies :
– Social media – plugins of such platforms as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are installed on the Website, which use cookies, thanks to which they enable the use of social media functions and are used for proper functioning.
– Analyzes and statistics – The website uses Google Analytics services, which have their own privacy policy:
Through Google Analytics, the Website observes the number of visitors, type of browser, visitor’s operating system, time spent on the website, etc. The collected information is anonymous and does not identify the User.

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