At Mona Tomassi Studio, you can order a custom pattern design service to create a project according to criteria adequate to your product and your brand identity. We start the work on a personalized pattern or illustration by choosing the type of license:

Exclusive license for 2 years

Exclusive license without time limits

If your production process requires a different pace of work, we can tailor a license to meet your needs.

My process to create a custom design

1. Target group

The next step will be to determine the target group for which the new custom pattern or the entire collection will be dedicated. Will these be motifs for adults or for children, in what age range and where will they be used: in interiors, on clothing or accessories?

2. Inspiration and trends

Once we know the profile of the end user, I will proceed to the analysis of trends and inspirations appropriate for your brand, which will set the aesthetic direction of custom pattern design.

3. Creation and evaluation

After approval of the first sketches and color palette, I will create hand-painted or designed in graphic programs elements of the pattern, depending on which technique you choose. The culmination of the work will be the creation of a surface pattern rapport or illustration composition for positional printing using an appropriate graphic program. The production file will automatically reproduce seamlessly during printing. Evaluation of the finished project, final touches and it’s ready! You can send your custom pattern design to the printing house!

4. Production and support

The final production graphic files are created based on technical data provided by your printing house or standard requirements for printing on fabrics and wallpapers. As a part of the personalized surface pattern service, you will receive an additional service of adjusting the production file to the guidelines of the new printing house or changing the scale or background of the pattern report on request. You can order the pattern in three variants of the background color.

The creation process of a personalized surface pattern is the result of a new original idea created in Mona Tomassi Studio, market guidelines and trends, and the specific needs of users of your products. During the cooperation, we will constantly compare these three areas and together decide on the best solution for your brand.
As part of the custom pattern design service, I mainly create projects for textiles and wallpapers:


Starting the process of textile pattern design, we will apply all the above steps and take into account additional criteria related to a wide range of types and purposes of textiles, so that the final design looks perfect on your products. Learn more…


Starting the process of wallpaper pattern design, we will apply all the above steps and take into account additional criteria related to the specific scale of wallpapers and their purpose in defining the character of the interior, so that the final project looks perfect on your wallpapers or wall stickers. Learn more…

I am pleased that you are visiting my pattern design studio, let’s stay in touch! Write to me if you have a question or visit me on my Instagram.

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