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Illustrated city tales

I created the CITY category with unusual graphic patterns to complement NATURE and KIDS categories. In this area you will find my original projects inspired by cities from different parts of the world. Each of them presents a different urban story, based on popular associations with a chosen place, as well as on my subjective interpretation of its most interesting visual elements. I transfer all these motifs and associations on paper in the form of watercolor illustrations with addition of pencil and other manual techniques, adding this way a unique character to these projects. You can download a graphic pattern with a city theme directly from my online store in the CITY category or order the creation of personalized graphics. Tell me the story of your city, and I will create a custom made illustration or pattern design that you can put on your products to underline for example which city your brand comes from or what urban style you want your collection to be associated with. Parisian coffee shops surrounded by climbing flowers will be a beautiful complement to romantic, feminine and girly clothing collections or home and kitchen accessories. On the other hand, the motif of the Scandinavian natural-urban landscape will be an interesting replacement for the typical marine motifs. The most important historic houses, combined with other attributes that distinguish a chosen city, will show the unique traditional beauty of your city. In other turn, a graphic representation of your favorite places will be a more personal city story. Decide on your own inspiration or choose one of the graphic designs from the CITY category.

The process of creating urban graphic patterns

Urban motifs are very popular in the world of art and illustration, while few graphic pattern designers consistently implement this idea in their work. The most frequently appearing visual interpretation of the city on textile prints are the proposals of fairy-tale houses designed to appeal to children’s imagination. Graphic patterns from the CITY category are more universal in nature and have been thought to be used in various contexts. The original technique of painting architecture created in Studio Mona Tomassi gives urban elements a flow and makes the graphic pattern designs look like imaginary maps of these cities and begins to tell the subjective history of these places. The geometric forms of the buildings blur their sharp edges thanks to watercolor textures and irregular composition. The watercolor and pencil technique allows you to create a light structure of a graphic pattern that shows urban architecture in a delicate aesthetic.

I invite you to travel to Paris, London and Gdańsk, let the slightly melancholic atmosphere of Bergen take you for a moment to the climate of mountains and fjords, to the English suburbs of the 19th century or straight to the streets of the Spanish capital.

Based on information about the all over pattern or placement print, ready to be placed on fabrics, ceramics or paper. City stories are intended for occasional invitations, original tourist souvenirs, clothing, fabrics, wallpapers, or simply promoting your city on posters, billboards and leaflets.

The process of creating each pattern begins with determining the type of graphic license and the way of using the graphic. For example, the print on the fabric will be different from the design prepared for the notebook cover. Creating a graphic for your company must also be preceded by an analysis of the target group. The next step is to create a coherent concept, select the most important places and items and I can move on to illustrating.

Prints with urban motifs as a way of city promotion

Urban motifs appear more and more often in everyday fashion, the city enters our wardrobes, interior decorations, fabrics, posters or packaging. Fashion constantly draws inspiration from urban life, its rhythm and style, which is reflected in cuts, colors and clothing graphics. The pace of everyday life and the need for practicality contribute to the increasing comfort of urban fashion and its unpretentiousness. The subdued colors of the street also emanate the colors of our wardrobe, and architectural shapes are more and more often chosen as clothing prints that distinguish the collection. The proposal of graphic patterns ready for printing on fabrics, which you will find in the CITY category, reflects these trends. Delicate graphic patterns with urban motifs are perfect for women’s and men’s shirts, dresses, scarves and jackets, or other parts of clothing. Graphic prints with architectural elements, however, fit not only with fashion stylizations. It is also an interesting way to design an invitation, poster or flyer related to an important event in your city or for a large-format billboard, banner or other type of advertising related to your company’s activities. You can download graphics directly from my on-line store or order a personalized design creating the perfect graphics for your business.

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