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The world of patterns, meaning all kinds of seamless graphic patterns and placement prints, has a wide and diverse visual offer. In order to find yourself in it and respond to the taste of the final product customer, you need a precise approach and prior analysis of trends. The style, subject and composition, and even the painting technique used must be adequate to the needs of the final client. Therefore, the experience of a fashion graphic designer is an important element in planning a clothing, textile or children’s product collection. In Mona Tomassi Studio, all designs presented in the online shop have been previously analyzed in terms of current trends as well as upcoming trends in the field of textile products. The manual techniques that I choose to create my works respond to the wide trend of returning to handicraft and hand-painted elements, which gives the products a unique character. Contemporary interest in artistic craftsmanship translates into the expectations of users regarding the sublime aesthetics of everyday objects. Patterns painted with watercolors appear on clothing, products for kids, interiors and various types of accessories. We cannot imagine wedding invitation or a baby layette without watercolor flowers. The spectrum of hand-painted elements is very large, which is why I have divided my shop with seamless graphic patterns into four categories. In this way, navigating the site is very convenient and at the same time I can clearly present my offer, mainly intended for owners of textile companies – small, medium and large brands, producing clothing, bedding, fabrics and many others. You will find ready-to-download graphics in the following categories: NATURE, CITY, KIDS, and EVENT. If you are looking for universal plant or animal motifs, I invite you to the NATURE category, here you will find both classic small flowers in a vintage style, as well as large romantic tulips or roses. Floral dense patterns that can be used on a large, recently fashionable scale, or light leaves in loose composition that are a subtle accent on your product.

High-quality graphic patterns should, above all, be carefully painted and developed in a graphics program, as well as prepared for printing in high resolution. The best file type for digital printing on fabrics is the TIFF format, which you can download after purchasing directly from your store account.

Catalogs with hand-painted prints for textiles

Choosing the perfect print for your textiles should be based on the actual trends, but also on the specific expectations of your target group. If you are planning a collection of dresses for girls in a vintage style, a pattern with small flowers or large-scale roses will beautifully emphasize the girlish aesthetics of your product, while the collection of shirts requires to take a look into the CITY category, where you will find original graphic proposals referring to the architecture of cities from various parts the world. The KIDS catalog contains a variety of fun proposals for the youngest, which have been thought out for use both on children’s clothing, as well as on bedding and accessories for a child’s room. Remember that if you need a different color version or individual elements to be placed on posters, bedding, blankets or T-shirts – you can always get this service by contacting me via e-mail or the contact form. The category EVENT of my graphic stock, in turn, includes a collection of graphics that will help you create an aura of changing seasons or upcoming holidays in your offer, or choose a design for an invitation to an important event or restaurant menu. When choosing a print from among my catalogs with graphic patterns, you can be sure that it has not already appeared on large graphic stocks, all my products can be purchased only in my online studio.

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