Floral patterns

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Flower patterns are always in fashion

Regardless of the dominant trends in an actual season, floral patterns will appear in every clothing or interior collection. The NATURE category of the Mona Tomassi online shop is dedicated to floral and animal motifs. Here you will find, among others, graphic patterns with flowers, leaves and fruits, which you can download directly from the website right after making the purchase. The files have been prepared for printing so that they can be sent directly to e.g. a digital textile printing house.

Inspirations taken from nature have a long history in the world of design and we good associations with them. Floral motifs appear on many everyday objects and perhaps this way they bring us closer to the nature. We are sure to find floral dresses, blouses, shirts and many other pieces of patterned clothing in every wardrobe. Many homes feature invariably are floral pillows, curtains and wallpapers. Similarly stationery, such as wedding invitations or cosmetic packaging, we cannot imagine without floral motifs. The NATURE patterns catalog in the Mona Tomassi Studio responds precisely to the wide interest in this graceful topic. You can choose between universal patterns with leaves, fruit patterns that are becoming more and more fashionable lately, and various types of flowers in an arrangement that is somewhat similar to the style developed by design classics, such as representatives of the Arts and Crafts trend, as well as in a modern approach, responding to commercial market determinants. Regardless of the initial inspiration, all these projects are characterized by the lightness of watercolor texture and the subtlety of pencil lines, as well as high precision of workmanship. The NATURE catalog includes graphic patterns arranged in various types of compositions: grouped, loose or dense arrangements of elements forming the structures of intertwining plants. In the offer of my pattern shop you will find print designs ready to be placed on clothing, on children’s products, and in interiors. Delicate tulips are perfect for both baby bedding and summer women’s dresses. The never out of fashion motif of roses or eucalyptus will complement bright interiors in the form of wallpapers or decorative accessories, and the condensed motif of winter oranges will work on elegant packaging, on gift paper, or decorative containers for winter tea.

How to use flower patterns

In recent seasons, pattern designs for textiles have begun to gain more and more space in stores in relation to solid-color proposals. Patterned fabrics are sometimes hard to combine with each other, but current catwalk trends show that experimenting with patterns is absolutely acceptable and even welcome. What is worth remembering in such play with patterns? If you are planning a patterned clothing collection, you must take into account other guidelines than when running a fabric store. While the clothing collection should be precisely color coordinated and reflect the brand’s aesthetic vision in even the smallest detail, in a fabric store, the rich offer build from various proposals will have an advantage. The offer of my Studio has been thought out in such a way that it is possible to create a full collection of products with patterns or to purchase individual designs to supplement the existing assortment of your store. The color palette  of my works is wide and very coherently coordinated. Thanks to this that my graphic designs can be separate works, as well as composed into larger collections. Additionally, you can order coordinated patterns and other graphics from me by contacting me via e-mail or the contact form. Each of the graphic products in the NATURE category has been designed using different background colors, which gives you great flexibility in adapting the patterns to your needs.

While deciding to use floral patterns in your shop, do not forget to respond to the current trends and expectations of your customers, while offering them something a little different, which cannot be found in large graphic stocks. I prepare my graphic works with big care and attention to every detail. Therefore, I only sell my graphic designs in this online store, so you have the guarantee that your customers will not see any of my designs on popular graphic download sites.

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