Ukraine will reborn

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This short illustrated story about the hope for a future Ukrainian revival is a free file that you can use for any charity or information project about the situation in Ukraine. The illustration “Ukraine will reborn” is a good choice if you are organizing a fundraiser or other aid campaign for Ukraine and you need a graphic with a positive message. You can download the file in three color variants directly from the online store for a minimal fee or contact me directly via e-mail or contact form and receive free files. If you use the illustration and you have such a possibility – put a note under it that it was made by Mona Tomassi Studio.

The illustration has been prepared for printing on light and dark background colors, on a variety of surfaces and for use on a wide range of products: clothing and accessories for children and adults, posters and other stationery, as well as print and online press.

When you download this product, you will receive a graphic file in TIFF format, ready for printing on paper and fabrics.

If you need a different file format or a background color change, please contact me via the Contact tab.




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Ukraine will reborn
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