Wild garden

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Design of a floral graphic pattern with a motif of bouquets of flowers, leaves and blackberries picked straight from the garden. The natural beauty of wild plants is emphasized by the asymmetric composition with perfectly spaced accents, thanks to which the pattern on the one hand refers to traditional floral patterns in retro style, and on the other hand breaks the schematic arrangement of elements into equal groups, which gives the design a fresh and universal character.

The graphic pattern has been prepared for use on light and dark background colors, for printing on a variety of surfaces and for use on a wide range of products: clothing, bedding, accessories, wallpapers and more.

With the purchase of this product, you will receive a seamless pattern design in the TIFF format, on a cream, blue and dark blue background to choose from. TIFF files are files ready to be printed on fabrics and other surfaces.

If you need a different file format or a background color change, please contact me via the Contact tab.




300 DPI

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File size

57 MB

Repeat Size

55 x 58 cm

Wild garden
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