Bedding pattern design

illustration with afghan children in traditional outfits

Children dressed in traditional Afghan clothes fly kites at the foot of the Kabul mountains. They participate in a centuries-old tradition, which for many years has also been a symbol of the fight for freedom in a country dominated by the Taliban. Shortly after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2021, the world joined forces to help refugees fleeing the Taliban. However, a few months later Russia invaded Ukraine and the armed conflict on the edge of Europe’s borders overshadowed the problems of the Afghan community.

“Afghan Kites” is a story about vanishing freedom and culture, but also about the hierarchy of conflicts, presented in a technique illustrating children’s sensitivity and lightness of paper kites.

The “Afghan Kites” textile pattern was purchased for printing on children’s bedding by the Italian company Piumini Danesi and is now available for sale in-store in Italy and online in other countries. The company conducts activities supporting Afghan women.

duvet cover with pattern design with kids flying kites